In addition to the conflicting sponsorship agreements above, the team and the sponsoring company must negotiate and think about how to treat and protect the contractual rights of both parties in the event of ambush marketing (i.b s a marketing strategy in which a company benefits from an event or team name without paying a fee; a classic example is Nike, Atlanta got bogged down in commercials during the 1996 Olympics. benefit from the focus on the Olympic Games without paying for the privilege). Naming rights in the field of sport are common for stadiums as well as for sports competitions and series. In addition, some sports teams adopt a sponsor`s name as the team or club name (see the list of sports clubs named after a sponsor). Throughout history, institutions such as schools and hospitals, as well as public spaces, have been named after benefactors. The first stadium, Wrigley Field, was named in 1926 after Chicago Cubs owner and chewing gum magnate William Wrigley. Today, naming rights and sponsorship contracts are booming. Transactions in individual naming rights are largely the product of the economic situation at the time of contract negotiation and of the solvency of a sole proprietorship […].