Do I need to provide a copy of my curriculum to my principal when they move to my zoom/Google Classroom session to observe my classes remotely? The Related Services Adaptation Document (RAD) replaces the special education distance learning plans that you completed between April and June for distance learning. The advisors in charge should complete and issue this new SESIS form for all students in case of load of their related services. The aim is to involve and involve parents in the development of the document. Reminder: You do not need to obtain parental authorization or fill out consent forms before completing the corresponding document to adapt the services. Can we assign a bridging class to a teacher if it is not the usual practice of the school? Last week, I attended distance learning at Googe Meet from all three levels of NYC (primary, secondary, and secondary) because my home has one student in elementary school, one in middle school, and my wife is a high school student. I supervised the meetings of my two children. While it was a challenge to say the least to convince our first-year student to sit down through the meetings and then do his job, he succeeded and had fun in some of the activities. My daughter`s high school classes are as close to the actual school as isolated schools can be with interactions that felt like a normal classroom. My wife has already developed a relationship with her high school students who have live discussions and learn.