You always get a 10% discount on our public price for a car or van rental of 3+ days, without exclusion! (*) Privilege agreements allow you to save even more over selected periods! In the absence of ambiguity, we consider exclusively the language used by the parties to recognize the importance of the treaty. Under paragraph 3, the accidental termination of a tenant occurs only if, after receiving notification of the tenant`s intention to terminate the rental agreement, the landlord does not restore the premises within one year. There is no explicit requirement for the landlord to inform the tenant that the premises have been restored, nor is there any provision for the tenant to terminate the lease due to the lack of termination. Welcome to Europcar, a world leader in car rental, and you can rent a car or commercial van from one of our 3835 rental locations around the world. Any tenant can try the property for up to 4 days before committing to a full-time rental agreement. The tenant may assess the property during this period to verify whether or not the services provided by the PG owner meet their requirements. If, for any reason, the tenant decides to withdraw from the contract during this period, the rent and the amount of the deposit are fully refunded after deduction of the extract costs, which includes a proportional rent calculated on the basis of the number of days she holds in the establishment. Notification is not required in such cases. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, you can be sure that Europcar has the vehicle to meet all car rental needs, whether you are looking for a family car, limousine or prestige car for your business or holiday trips or that you will need a van or truck for a job. Make the most of our vast selection of services to make car rental a unique experience….