On January 15, 2014, postdoctoral fellows ratified their first collective agreement. « We have found, semester after semester, that dozens – dozens!  » letters of landing come out only two or three weeks before the start of the next semester, » she added. I`ve heard stories of people who are the week before [classes start] when they find out. That is not enough time. One of the issues for us in collective bargaining was that these letters of appointment would come out earlier. LUMUN`s collective agreement with Memorial University expired more than a year ago, and the union is negotiating a new one with the university. While new revenue from a series of significant tuition fee increases is being paid to the university this year, Wells cautions that much of the money will go to administrative expenses and not to improving teaching conditions. When Memorial professors came together as LUMUN per course in 2006, some things got better, Wells says. In 2009, they signed their first collective agreement with Memorial. . The third collective agreement between LUMUN and MUN, on behalf of the course directors, was signed on June 27, 2019 and expires on August 31, 2020.

The second collective agreement between LUMUN (on behalf of course directors) and MUN was signed and entered into force on March 27, 2014 and expires on August 31, 2016. [This version of the contract contains internal links: click on the point of the table of contents to go to this section of the contact; click on the title of the article in the main part of the contract to return to the table of contents.] « And teaching two courses is much more. So for people who teach two courses, it`s officially 30 hours a week — and unofficially a lot more for that teaching job, and you want to do a good job — and yet we`re not considered full-time. And that is the explanatory statement that they use so as not to let us get into the health and dental plan. « Before the union came into effect, there was no guarantee that even if you had been teaching a course for 10 years, the course would be offered to you. But now there is a mechanism of anteriority, so that people who are qualified and who have taught the course are offered the course in front of someone who has not done so. This makes us escape many possible nepotisms that may have already occurred. « More and more universities are turning to what`s called contingent-based academic work, » Wells said. « It is quota or precarious, which means that an increasing number of faculty members are working on short-term contracts, not receiving benefits and have no job security. It`s a difficult way to try to make a living. A first collective agreement between LUMUN and the university was ratified in February 2009.

Beyond the precariousness of their work, the basic working conditions are not the same for all Memorial trainers. Wells says LUMUN insisted on getting the same price per course as the trainers at MUNFA, the union that represents the permanent faculty. On April 26, 2012, LUMUN was certified post-doctoral fellow at MUN. This year, elections were held for the President-Elect, Secretary and Member of the Board of Directors of CAIMS*SCMAI. We are very grateful to the candidates who apply for these positions. .