If you want to reduce your motorhome risks, it`s up to you to learn everything you can before you buy, so you can`t deal with problems later. Question: I bought a 2009 Puma Bumper Pull camper for $7200.00. The images and the camper appeared to be in new condition. I was told that everything worked and that he had always been kept undercover. 1. Heavy rain, I was woken up by wet feet. The antenna is gone. It`s been a little over 60 days since the cash purchase and the big lie! What can I do? I live in Louisiana. Where applicable, the consumer may cancel the transaction by sending the merchant a copy of the declaration of withdrawal that the merchant must provide to the consumer at the time of its conclusion, which shall be annexed to the contract no later than midnight of the third working day following the date on which the consumer signs a contract or an offer to purchase. This is a legal right that is granted to the consumer when the sale is not concluded at the dealer`s registered office.

If a consumer terminates a contract without legal rights, the merchant has four possibilities: answer: it has been less than a week since you bought. If you have never taken possession of this vehicle, you may be able to negotiate with the dealer to cancel your agreement. If they say no, call a lawyer as soon as possible. Whatever you do, do not take possession of this unit until you can cancel your agreement. If you can`t do that, your next choice would be to put it up for sale. You`re going to suffer a big financial blow, but at least you`ll be able to save most of your investment. I buy a gas engine vehicle, but after 5 days of travel, I realize that the gas engine is much too expensive, I also like at the same dealership against a similar but diesel engine. What is the time limit for me to exchange it without losing money for what I buy 5 days I have nothing against the difference to pay A sales contract is the simplest form of sales contract that is normally only used for sales of private parties, where you pay the vehicle in full when buying.

A sales contract is usually one page long and contains the following: Unlike buying a car or house, buying a recreational vehicle or motorhome with a Recreational Vehicle Industry Association label provides certainty that the vehicle meets at least 500 safety specifications. In many cases, the buyer finances part of the purchase price. The buyer must sign an agreement obliging him to buy the motorhome. A contract of sale is a legally enforceable contract that sets out the conditions for the purchase of a particular property. It defines the rights and obligations that each party must fulfil. Ownership of the property is transferred to the buyer if the parties comply with the conditions. Read more: How to fulfill a sales contract The answers to these questions depend largely on your personal situation, what was in the sales documents you signed at the time of purchase, the consumer protection laws of your country of residence, and the degree of customer service your seller is willing to offer. It is important that each consumer carefully reads the entire contract (as well as all other related agreements (e.g. financing contract.B) and signs it only if he is certain that he wishes to buy the vehicle.

Question: I bought a motorhome on Friday. I went home, and it flooded three times. They didn`t put him under pressure. Can I cancel and return the purchase? They give me the race. Question: I bought a Puma 27FXQ three months ago. After a month of use, I moved, and during transport, the siding completely detached on one side…