Also, make sure your client has an understanding of fundamental concepts such as marital property. The need for full disclosure works both ways. Don`t rely on the ability to open a judgment because you`ve missed something. While custody, access and custody agreements are not binding on a court, other financial agreements are only disrupted if they are unscrupulous. An unintentional misunderstanding about the character of a major asset could affect the value of your customer`s billing. · Avoid sensitive topics: If tension and emotions are high, it is important for the lawyer to divert his client from discussions on sensitive topics. This involves avoiding discussions from the past, but may also include the debate about who the minor children would prefer to be with, whether a spouse has moved or been deported and who is responsible for the divorce. Discussing these issues can be counterproductive in order to conclude a transaction agreement satisfactory to the customer and extend the execution time. In short, parties in the midst of a divorce can only file a joint tax return if they are married at the end of the fiscal year (December 31) and if they both agree to be filed. The parties are considered married even if they are separated as long as there is no final court decision terminating their civil status. A child custody injunction does not affect marital status.

However, if the divorce is final on December 31, the parties cannot file jointly – their registration status is either « single » or « housekeeper ». In the case of a collaborative divorce, agreements are usually concluded through so-called « joint » meetings between different permutations of team members.