The architect is fully understood and will comply with all state rules relating to the design and structure of the property referred to in this architect agreement. The architect must provide Andy and any color samples or samples for approval with the agreed schedule and budgeting policies. PandaTip: Use the text field in the template below to list the specific performance associated with this architecture agreement. The architect shall make available to the contracting authority, during the term of the architect`s contract, the following services: After the conclusion of this architect`s contract, the architect must provide five copies of all the necessary documents to be submitted as follows: by signing the following, both parties confirm their receipt and acceptance of the architect`s contract. The architect performs the execution or monitoring of the entire architecture as well as all the tasks related to it. Responsibilities include, among others, all design, design, verification, programming, management and all additional tasks necessary for the completion of the project of this site as well as the construction contract for the aforementioned site. All services provided by the architect during the term of the architect`s contract must comply with all state standards and regulations. The architect shall submit to the State Office all necessary plans for inspection and provide assistance for State inspections throughout the term of this Agreement. The architect and all representatives associated with him must monitor and verify all performance no later than the 12th month following the conclusion of the architect`s contract. After this observation, the architect will carry out checks on defects, recalls and defects of all services. The architect will inform the owner of these results. This architect`s contract, concluded between [Owner.First Name] [Owner.Surname] (Owner) and [Architect.

First Name] [Architect.Surname] (Architect) (Architect) begins from [Agreement.Date] under the following conditions: The Architect will meet all requirements within the time limit of this Agreement, in accordance with State standards and regulations. At the end of this architect`s contract, the architect must provide the owner with all the documents necessary to obtain the authorization, either by the owner or by the State. Both parties have appropriate insurance for the duration of this architect`s contract, as required by state regulations. The parties must, upon request, prove all relevant insurance policies. The owner of the property in [Property.Address] has expressed interest in the architect`s services to redevelop, restructure and redevelop the aforementioned site. The owner assumes full financial responsibility for the restructuring of this property and has secured the financing of this restructuring. The architect has the necessary experience and licenses to meet the needs of the owner as well as all established contractual conditions. Both parties shall endeavour to respect this agreement of their own free will. Under no circumstances may any part of this Agreement be fulfilled by a third party without the prior consent of all parties concerned. PandaTip: This model architects` agreements contains the necessary conditions to protect you as an architect while remaining fair to your client.