(a) a landless agricultural worker belonging to the Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes; It is stated that a registration of rental rights in accordance with section 3 of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural Lands Record of Tenancy Rights Act, 1969 (Tamil Nadu Act X of 1969), for ……… Village………. taluk ……… and that, within one month of the date of publication of this notice, all landowners, intermediaries, tenants and other persons interested in any country of the village mentioned above, who have been leased for cultivation, communicate to the Record Officer a notification in Form 1II on the nature of his interest in that country. While the contracting authority is the absolute owner of the agricultural country which must follow survey No _____________admeasuring______Acres, _____ Gts., located at___________________ (Vill)_____11A. Procedure to be followed in an investigation under section 4-A. – before proceeding with an investigation under section 4-A, the protocolaire shall fix a date for the hearing and inform the owner, intermediary or tenant interested in the land. On the day of the hearing, the persons concerned may, when obtaining an oral or written instruction from the protocolaire, make their declarations, signed in writing by the protocolaire and by the distributor.] (b) the name and address of the other person interested in the land. The tenant has paid Rs__________ month`s rent to the lessor as a deposit, which is customizable before the lease is terminated. The tenant has paid ________ month`s rent as a deposit to the lessor, which will be reimbursed at the time of termination of the lease. (5) `owner of the land` means the owner of the land transferred to cultivation by a tenant and includes the heirs, zessiona and legal representatives of that owner or persons who enjoy rights through him; (b) if, prior to the publication of the agreed lease protocol, land has been cultivated but the information has not been included in the authorised registration of rental rights or for any reason, the landowner, intermediary or lessee shall request the protocol to include information on such land in the approved register of rental rights. .

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