Below you will find all the resources for the preliminary agreement that have been presented. Last night, U-46 and DUTU management worked together on waiting for work for region 63 Education Support Professionals during the current Stay at Home Order, below is our joint agreement. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Be safe and healthy there! The provisional agreement was submitted to the meeting of representatives on 17 April 2019. On Tuesday, 30 April, MEPs approved the provisional agreement by 1,764 votes to 336. Please see bold in this joint statement. 1) Our current agreement is valid until 31.12.2020 or until a full withdrawal takes place, depending on what is later. Full presentation of TA – PDF of the Google presentation of your CDL authorization: The Secretary of State proposes an additional 30 days to complete the physical paperwork and paperwork. For team members who must renew your authorization in April and May, Advocate Sherman Immediate Care on Royal Blvd is the only place to perform the annual physical measurements on that date; but not to expose yourself unnecessarily to others, I ask you to wait to take your physique. Beth LapaAssistant DirectorSchool District U-46 Transportation847.888.5095 ext. We received an email from IEA President Kathi Griffin on Sunday, May 24, 2020. She said this in her email…. ESP Alert. Vote to protect your pension. The election of the IMRF Trustee has begun! Some important remarks……. 1. Drivers and assistants are contacted by telephone on Monday, October 19 and receive their selection time for Thursday or Friday.2. All drivers and assistants must choose a route or go through HR.3 for an authorized leave. All drivers AND assistants must view an online service next Friday, October 23, to prepare for the start of hybrid courses. Promotion to a higher salary – Simplified explanation of the pay language associated with the increase in the salary plan. Let`s start with the days work…. As Tony Sanders shared in his embassy on April 3, DUTU employees are paid for their main position during the governor`s ordering of the shelter, which is currently until April 30 of the time.

During this period, DUTU members should be available to assist in the call to complete the assigned GCN tutorials and to be available again for the distribution of food and/or Chromebooks if they are contacted by these respective departments. There are also a number of free online courses you can attend. Please keep looking for an email from Carin inviting you to participate in some of these courses. . Election plan for the election of 4 DUTU members to participate in the IEA/RA in March 2021. As usual, we are here to support you in every way. We all have the same goals in mind. Please contact us with any questions, concerns, ideas and/or suggestions. In these times, more than ever, we must work together as a team to do what needs to be done so that our students can continue their education. 5) The only reason someone has to fill out a proxy so that someone can choose for you on your pick day in January is if you are doing a job for U-46 during your pickup time. If you have to fill out a proxy for another reason, you may be asked to use a delivery day.

The expectation was always that we were available to work paid work days. In addition, if you want to do your physical work during this time, the Advocate location is open at 2320 Royal Blvd every day and the place you want to visit for your physical activity. The other 2 Advocate sites are used to treat the sick. . Since our last post, things have changed here also at Base.