27. Briefly describe all legal requirements for recalls of distributed products. Can the distribution agreement determine which party is responsible for the execution and absorption of recall costs? What is the difference between the use of a commercial agency or a commercial distributor in the United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates)? Contractors (in this case foreign companies and brands) face difficult decisions every day. Businesses generally only stick to the tools they have to make business decisions; However, in uncharted territory, new decision-making tools can significantly accelerate the growth of the company and you will be ahead of all competition. Every business leader will agree that knowledge is power, so this article will aim to equip companies, large or small, with the best way to introduce their products in the United Arab Emirates with the support of a sales agent or distributor, depending on what is best suited to the toolkit (company). The registration of trademark licensing agreements under Federal Trademark Licensing Agreements 1992 is subject to Federal Trademark Act 37 (Trademark Act 1992). Section 5 of the Trademark Act stipulates that all trademark licences must be registered with the UAE Ministry of Economy in order for the licence to be enforceable against third parties. In such disputes, the question arises as to which laws would govern the dispute resolution procedure for distribution agreements. In the event of a dispute between the main party and the distributor, the UAE Commercial Transactions Act would apply (not the Uae Agency Law). The courts would respect and comply with the terms of the distribution contract as long as it complied with the above law. The Law Trade Agency provides that no commercial agency can be executed in the United Arab Emirates unless the agency agreement is registered with the ministry. However, in practice, many agents have not registered their agreements and are doing business in the United Arab Emirates. In the absence of such a registration, they are deprived of certain rights and benefits available to registered agents.

The most important licence relates to the agent`s licence for the use of the adjudicator`s trademarks. The client`s trademarks should already be registered in all areas covered by the agreement.