An exchange contract allows existing federal agents in the service to be candidates for job promotion in a competitive service. . Note: See « Other changes to GS positions » below for rules that apply when a DOD or De Coast Guard NAFI staff member switches to the GS position (1) with a service interruption of more than 3 days, or (2) if the GS position is not in DOD (for the movements of a NAFI DOD) or coast guard (for the movements of an NAFI coast guard). Step C: Convert the stage B walking rate into a corresponding set (same step) on the most applicable fare range for the current official employment and the employee`s GS position. The highest tariff range applicable for the current GS-5 position is the GS-5 rate range in the DC location rate plan. In 2016, the GS-5, Stage 4, DC location rate is 38,792 USD. This is the MPR based on the employee`s NAFI HPR. Different and strictest tariff categories: if the highest tariff range applied was different, If the official employment for the employee`s GS position is at the location where the employee was stationed during the operation of NAFI HPR, the Agency must determine the MPR as follows: The above provisions do not apply when a MEMBER of DOD or Coast Guard NAFI staff moves to a GS- position to apply for a service transportation job in the service competition. If  » maximum applicable tariff margin, » the rate range applicable to a GS employee, based on a given position of registration and official site offering the highest base wage rates, with the exception of all selected rates. (Z.B.

a range of special rates may exceed an applicable local rate. In some circumstances, the highest rate range may consist of two different types of pay scales, namely. B a range in which special rates (based on a fixed dollar surcharge) are higher in the lower part of the range and locality rates are higher in the highest part of the sector. « unintentionally displaced, » the movement of the holder of a NAFI position within the DOD or coast guard corps when transferred to the DOD or Coast Guard public service employment system. Step B: Identify the lowest step in the highest applicable rate range that matches or exceeds the employee`s NAFI HPR. As in this example, the HPR NAFI is between steps 3 and 4 of the GS-5 rate range, identify GS-5, Stage 4 (38.776). In 2016, an NF-3, DOD employee in San Diego ($38,328) will be named in a DOD GS-5 position in Washington, D.C. and voluntarily without interruption of service. The GS-5 position is not covered by a special tariff. The employee`s only claim is Step 1. However, the Agency decides to use the NAFI HPR of staff to determine the employee`s salary. The Agency follows the rules applicable to a staff member whose HPR is based on an NAFI package.

These workers are not entitled to have their wages set at 5 CFR 531.212, in accordance with the higher authority of competence and special needs. . When a staff member voluntarily moves from a NAFI position in the DOD or Coast Guard to a GS position in the DOD or Coast Guard, without a service interruption of more than three days, the Agency must set the initial base rate of pay for the employee at the minimum rate of the highest applicable rate range for the staff member`s GS position. Otherwise, the Agency may, at its sole discretion, choose one of the following methods for setting the employee`s base wage rate at a higher rate – Step B: Find the lowest step in GS-6 Boston`s GS-6 location rate range, which is equivalent to or exceeds $42,005 (i.e. GS-6, Stage 3 or $42,069).