The tenant and landlord must keep a copy of the signed contract for their registrations. What`s free in a lease that you have to pay? Double charge of my card! You`ll give me my money back! No way to get anyone, not even used the Servce. Listed for free, if searched, then after filling everything not to pay chooce for free only. Now you have to write at least 100 words, or there will be no complaints… After completing the private rental questionnaire, you can choose a single basic license for $20.95 or a free 7-day trial offer. With the Basic license, you can create, modify and print as many rental contracts for apartments as you need for two weeks, and the license expires after two weeks. The free 7-day trial allows free access to each document for 7 days. If the account is terminated within 7 days, there will be no charge for prepared documents. If the account is not terminated during this period, the subscription starts at $33.00 per month until it is terminated. To cancel, you can click the Cancel button in your account under the Subscription tab, or you can call or chat with us and we can cancel the account for you. In March, a one-time fee was paid for a lease and an inspection report of $39.99. You just took the same payment for May! As an assistant to my sick mother`s pension, it is urgent that I get that money back. I called his contact phone number and after some Bleseps and unusual sounds, I was transferred to an employee in Canada! She went up my account and accepted that a payment had been made for May, but did not mean that it had been taken by mistake, even when I asked her if that was the case.

She said the payment would be refunded on my credit card within the next ten days. I told her it was not a credit card used for the transaction, but she said it would not be a problem. I don`t feel safe through what she said, so I`m not waiting for the next statement to arrive, I contact the bank and with a new card issued because I think they will take over 39.99 euros in June.This company guides you to believe that they are a British company, they are not. I will follow that with Companies House, because they could violate corporate law.