(ii) Notwithstanding the above or contrary provisions contained in this Agreement and as part of a separate agreement to which that person is a party or otherwise bound, to the extent that this is authorized by Section 17005 (d) of the Act, unless otherwise required, the company and the member in question expressly renounce any interest or expectation in which they must participate or participate in it. , any material, transaction or opportunity (including revenues or revenues) (a cumulative « opportunity ») that is presented, acquired, created or developed or otherwise held by an officer, and that none of these officials engage the company or member with respect to opportunity; provided that, as long as the non-competition agreement remains in force, the company and the member forego the sales possibilities, only 1.2 Terms and use in general. Unless the context is otherwise stated: (a) a term has the meaning attributed to it; b) « or » is not exclusive; (c) where it appears appropriate in the context, any term given either singular or plural must contain the singular and plural, and the pronouns indicated in the male, female or castrated pronouns must contain the male, the feminine and the castrated; (d) the provisions apply to successive events and operations; (e) all references in this agreement to « including » or « including » or « including » or similar expressions are considered « included but restricted »; (f) all references made in this Agreement to « articles, » « sections, » « paragraphs, » « clauses » and other subdivisions to the articles, sections, paragraphs, clauses and other designated subdivisions of this Agreement, as well as the terms « here, » « here, » « here, » « here, » « here, » and other terms of the same meaning, do not refer to the whole of this agreement, and not to an article, section, paragraph, clause; and (g) any definition or reference to an agreement, instrument, document, statute or regulation must be interpreted as referring to such an agreement, instrument, document, statute or regulation that is amended, supplemented or amended from time to time (subject to any restrictions on such amendments) , supplements or modifications that are exposed to it). The titles of this agreement are inserted only for reasons of simplification and are not intended to describe, interpret, define or restrict the scope, scope or intent of this agreement or the provisions contained in it.